There are hundreds of features specifically designed for cafes in Retail Therapy. In a fast paced environment such as a cafe, there are some operational features that we feel are critical to your business. These fall into our philosophy of nothing more than 2 clicks away.

However, the POS system is more than a streamlined tool. It’s a Customer Relationship Management tool which is just another way to generate business, here are just a few ways.


  • Coupons or Prepaid Gift Cards
  • SMS Marketing, Promotional and Keeping the customer informed
  • Email Marketing from an extensive client database filtering system
  • Loyalty Points System and Method To Pay with Points
  • Customize Plastic Loyalty Cards Branded To Your Cafe
  • Suggestive Selling Text to Prompt Staff
  • A variety Of Promotional Pre-set discount structures
  • Keeps track of your on-line marketing website
  • Have your own on-line marketing engine and database
  • Directly Interfaces On-Line orders into your POS system
  • Attached a tablet or handheld device that does much more than just take an order
  • Plug in a Bump Screen