Loyalty & Gift Card

Retail Therapy Loyalty Card is a powerful way to grow sales and retain customers. You and your staff will appreciate fast loyalty access to process customer transactions over the counter or on the phone. You can even design own branded loyalty card and reward program which Boost both loyalty and revenue by 10 to 25%.

With your new Loyalty Card system you can now

> Retain existing customers > Acquire new customers > Best customer marketing > Build on customer and loyalty relationships.

Not only does providing a loyalty program to your customers provide reason for continuing to buy (the accumulation of points toward a reward) but it also provides information about each customers that allows you to target market campaigns through our SMS module.

Retail Therapy SMS Marketing gets your business connected with customers and target them like never before! SMS marketing connects you to your clients through their purchase history, spend, date of birth and more. Send out bulk SMS updates, offers and start increasing revenue by 5 to 15%.

But is does not stop there, Loyalty Card also acts as a Gift Card and is perfect Gift for any occasions. Customers can simply purchase a gift card over the counter and cash is converted to points. The points can be redeemed at any time through an online purchase, phone order or over the counter sale.

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