Symbol Handheld Scanner LS2208

Symbol Handheld Scanner LS2208 High performance 1D linear scanner increases productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service. The Symbol LS2208 handheld barcode scanner offers high performance scanning at a moderate price point. From the retail point-of-sale and backroom to the patient bedside or school book checkout, the LS2208 provides fast, reliable scanning in a durable, lightweight form factor, delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

With aggressive scanning capabilities and a wide working range, the LS2208 accurately captures data fast, helping employees work quickly and efficiently. And you’ll be up and running fast, because the Symbol LS2208 is easy to deploy and use, thanks to a plug-and-play installation and intuitive, user-friendly design that requires little or no training. Plus the ergonomic, balanced form factor reduces user fatigue to maximize user comfort. All scanners read RSS codes.

Key features

  • Scanner Type: Bi-directional
  • Voltage and Current: 5 volts +/- 10% at 130 mA typical, 175 mA max
  • Light Source: 650 nm visible laser diode
  • Scan Rate: 100 scans per second typical
  • Durable, single-board construction: Meets stringent 5-ft drop tests
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window: Is designed for continuous use
  • Accurate first-time capture of 1D bar codes: Increased productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service
  • Wide working range: Delivers optimal performance from contact to 17 in (43 cm)
  • Multiple on-board interfaces: Simplify installation and integration and ensures future compatibility
  • Plug-and-play, with universal cable: Means rapid deployment, with a single cable connecting to any computing environment
  • Intuitive design: Minimizes setup and training time
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design: Reduces user fatigue with sleek, balanced form for maximum comfort and productivity
  • Hands-free Intelli stand: Enables presentation scanning and easy switching between hands-free and handheld modes
  • Advanced Data Formatting (ADF): Enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer, reducing costly modifications to the host software
  • 60 Months Warranty
  • Dimensions (WXDXH): 63 x 84 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.15kg