Problems We Solve

Retail Therapy POS can solve or prevent your business from common POS issues.

The retail world has changed dramatically and POS systems have increased the speed and efficiency of servicing customers. Whether your operating in a slow or busy environment, no business can afford to have down-time resulting in revenue loss and data.

Common POS issues surrounding software, hardware or environmental barriers need to be identified at the early stage of buying a new POS system or replacing an existing POS system. Retail Therapy POS team is made up of highly qualified consultants, business analysts and software engineers that can accurately identify common POS issues and can prevent them from taking place.

Every business has specific needs and its the ability of your IT professionals in identifying these needs and mapping out a process to run your business. This is where experience and culture is important and at its core is the foundation and depth behind Retail Therapy POS systems.

Our POS Touchscreen does not meet our business needs

A Common POS issue we hear all the time, a business has purchased a POS system but it does not provide the functionality for their business needs. At Retail Therapy POS we don’t have one-size fits all business approach, there are so many nuances and features built into our software for some specific industries listed herein that, Retail Therapy POS software can be purchased as an off-the-shelf POS solution, and if there is still something that we missed, we also provide custom design. Our team of software engineers and developers can make POS software modifications to suite your business needs.

Our POS Touchscreen won’t print

POS Touchscreen wont print and staff are in manual-mode taking orders by pen to paper. This Common POS printing issue occurs for many reasons including, faulty cabling from POS, printers and routers, cheap online printers. Prior to purchasing a POS Touchscreen consult a Retail Therapy POS specialist to assess both operational environment and POS software requirement to avoid printing issues.

We have several Referral Sources and Loyalty Systems, we can keep up

Welcome to the modern era of running a business. Many businesses have several terminals across the counter with all kinds of loyalty systems. They have an on-line presence with several on-line companies but they just cant keep up with the costs and administration. Retail Therapy POS Software has a full featured Loyalty System built in.

Add points with the swipe of a card, create your own branded cards, allow your clients to pay with their loyalty cards, create multiple discounts per membership or even prepaid cards. Don’t spend hours determining how much commission you need to pay, you can tag each transaction to a Referral Type and it will calculate the commissions at the end of the day for you. Clear your counter and save yourself hours of administration.

Our POS Touchscreen is too complicated to use

We need to make changes with our POS Touchscreen system and it feels like we need a software engineering degree. Retail Therapy POS is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of POS solutions including point of sale equipment and software. The key to Retail Therapy POS success is embedded in our staff and ideology. Once you’ve joined us we guarantee satisfaction and ongoing support, when and where its needed. You can contact our support team via Email, SMS or Phone to service your Retail Therapy POS system at a time of your convenience.