Retail & Grocery


Retail Therapy Software is jam packed with hundreds of features specifically designed for retail, grocery and small corner stores. In a fast paced environment there are many operational features that we feel are critical to ensure smooth running of the business. These fall into our philosophy of, nothing more than 2 clicks away. However, the POS system is more than a streamlined tool, an administration tool and a way to take cash. We believe its all those things and more. Why shouldn’t a grocery store have a loyalty card, memberships and a way to generate business as well? This is why we include all the features your business needs including SMS, Loyalty, Email Marketing and more, here’s just a few features.


  • Print Shelf Tickets, A4 Banners, A5 Talkers, A6 Shelf Tickets anytime, just select and print
  • Print Shelf Tickets From you docket printer, no special paper required.
  • Have parallel imported product with no barcode, don’t worry, we create them for you
  • Different Price Breaks depending on what is packaged
  • Schedule Specials in advance
  • Create all kinds of promotional pricing with our Promotional Pricing editor
  • Input stock from just one screen just scan and change
  • Have unlimited barcodes per item
  • On screen visual editor to create buttons for non-barcode items
  • Quick add function to quickly reproduce an new item
  • Add barcodes on the fly from
  • Over 18 reports for each shift with complete transaction view per shift
  • Drill down what each operator is doing with a full user deletion log
  • Make a sale with just a scan and one click