By far the most feature packed system for takeaway, over the counter or bar orders, you will ever find in a package to suit small business. The analysts and developers have over 30 years experience, and it’s this experience thas packed so many useful tools to allow your business to reach its full potential. Customer services is critical and in a takeaway environment, you need to process all kinds of requests, swiftly and easily.

Retail Therapy comes complete with all the marketing tools you need to really drive business with email and SMS marketing. Plus many process flow switches to mold itself around your processes but here just a few of its useful features.


  • Print takeaway numbered dockets for customers and kitchen
  • Sitting down, auto prompt for a name or number before you end the sale
  • Indecisive customer, suspend him and get on with the next, unlimited suspends
  • Run Bar Tabs, Lunch Tabs or just keep a track of a customer who forgot his wallet
  • Print a statement docket, Transaction List Docket or even set a limit with a alarm on a tab
  • Unlimited price breaks per item, promotional pricing and you can even forward set them and happy hours
  • Quick Cash sale button, one hit and end the sale and print multiple kitchen dockets
  • Check and Receive On-line orders while your at the POS
  • View Shift reports on your POS screen live
  • Keep a track of staff and what they deleted on the screen or any suspicious behaviour
  • Swipe a loyalty card, no more printing 1 free for 10 coffees purchased card, just accumulate and pay with your own in built system
  • Need a bump screen or a Tablet, just plug ours straight in.